I’m living my life in the outskirt of Milan (Lombardy) and I’m focusing/spending my time on the following thing(s) – last update January 11th 2020:

  • I’m loving Her
  • Music newsletter: subscribe here
  • Recording my next and last album
  • Xhibition of Paisley Park photos
  • Tribute day to Prince in Milan
  • Volunteer IT Trainer for my fellow senior citizens
  • Taking Pictures & making videos
  • Remembering Prince playing & listening to his music
  • Stop using the capital letter

These are my current priorities and I will update this page as my focus changes.

The ‘Now page’ is inspired by Derek Sivers. My profile is here & more profiles are here:


“You see, I don’t mind what happens”


L’ottimismo, com’è noto, è una mania degli agonizzanti.

Emile Cioran

Truth is a pathless land.


Costruiamo qualcosa insieme.

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